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R1&R2 Paint Kit

R1&R2 Paint Kit

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Waterborne Finish 15ml
2” Sandpaper #600 1 pcs
White cotton cloth 1 pcs


CELIA & PERAH will ship within 1~2 working days after receiving your order (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). The details are as follows:

◆ The actual delivery time is mainly based on the delivery progress of the logistics company. Customers can check the delivery progress according to the delivery order number on the logistics system.
◆ In the following cases, the delivery time will be postponed
> The recipient information is incomplete, the recipient address is changed, or the recipient cannot receive the goods.
> In the event of natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, public works, and festivals, etc.



1. Sand the surface and wipe out the dust

2. Shack finish before use

3. Dip the finish with the cloth in package

4. Apply the finish to the surface

Tips: Apply in same direction and keep the color light and dark to make wood patent.

5. Wait for the finish dry

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