Collection: M8-SPK Hi-Fi Concrete Speaker

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These hand-made, 300-hour matured high-fidelity concrete speakers let the beauty of music be truthfully conveyed by exquisite craftsmanship and sound technology. The full and realistic sound of concrete speakers, genuinely convey the original intention of the music composer. The relatively small size presents an unequal sound performance. Rich and modern features make them the  best urban speakers to shorten the distance between you and your music appreciation .

One of a kind : Concrete Cabinet 

Rich Layers of Sound

The  high mass and low resonance frequency of concrete speakers reduce resonance interference. The strong structural strength can better control the low-frequency energy and present a rich sense of low-frequency layering.

Truthfully Deiliverd

The plasticity of cement allows us to designed large and tilted surfaces  without right angles inside to minimize the influance of standing waves. The natural pores on the cement surface can better convert standing waves into heat energy then dissipate. Without excessicve coloration from standing waves,the  original composition of the song can be delivered more truthfully.


Styled for all spaces

Concrete is closely related to life as a building material . Through our design and the plasticity of concrete, M8 can be stationed in any place where you need music's accompany with the most unique and modern appearance.

Studio Monitor-Leveled Tuning

Balanced high,mid and low Frequancies

The balanced performance  between high-mid-low frequancies ensures that the speakers are highly receptive to all genres of music and suitable for long-time listening. The slightly enhanced high frequency(HF) can compensate for the aging loss of the human ear and bring a clearer listening experience. Rich overtones produce by altra high frequency make the muisc more transparent and alive. Sufficient mid and low frequencies provides sufficient richness,therefore the warmth of the human voice is definitely worth looking forward to.

▲ Average sound pressure: low frequency to low frequency limit 90.94dB, mid frequency band 90.02dB, high frequency band 92.74dB, very high frequency band 95.50dB


Sweet  to the ear

The 4-inch  ribbon tweeter has good transient , fast response, wide high frequency upper limit, low distortion and rich overtones.The performance of the very-high frequency can present the ultimate sense of transparency, making the overtone performance of the instrument in the space even better. Details you might have overlooked suched as the pressing of the sustain pedal of the piano or the control of the breath when the wind instrument is played,will be fully presented .The sweetness of the vocals will be exerted to its best.


Warm Vocals

The intermediate frequency band (160Hz-1280Hz) covers almost all vocals and the main frequency of most musical instruments, and is the most important part of the speaker's sound. The mid-range of M8-SPK is based on the 4-inch driver developed and manufactured in Taiwan used in our previous model ,P4. The carbon fiber diaphragm and the elastic wave design present excellent rebound coefficient offering fast and excellent mid-low frequency performance. After modification, the low frequency dives deeper, and the tone is warm and more vivid. The conical fixed dust cover design made of aluminum alloy is not only good-looking, but also strengthens the diffusion of mid and high frequencies, so that the listening angle can be expanded, and the timbre of human voices and musical instruments can be accurately displayed, making the overall listening experience smoother and more natural.

▲The standard deviation of the IF band is 0.89dB. The standard deviation including mid-low frequency and mid-high frequency (80Hz-2560Hz) is 1.37dB

Realistic Low frequency

In response to modern music types, while maintaining the low-frequency layering of traditional high-end audio. M8-SPK utalize an absolutely thick reflective concrete cabinet design. The large-diameter bass inverter port tube makes the bass performance smooth, full of volume, solid and powerful. The M8-AMP also has a built-in low-frequency enhancement algorithm, so you can be satisfied even if you are used to listening to heavy low-frequency performance.

▲At the standard of -3dB, the low frequency of M8-SPK can reach 63Hz, and if the enhancement of M8-AMP algorithm is added, reaches 40Hz.

Hi-Fi in the details

Exclusive wire

SHARKWIRE SP015 pure copper wire is standard for the M8 complete set. It cooperates with SHARKWIRE, a British HiFi wire manufacturer. The 15AWG wire diameter exceeds the specifications used by ordinary small bookshelf speakers. SHARKWIRE's exclusive "Multi Triangle Technology" makes music come alive.


Best conduction

Each steps of audio transmission affects the quality. The pure copper gold-plated terminal has good conductivity and is not easy to oxidize, which can ensure that the speaker receives the best signal! (Can support banana plug and wire below 5AWG)


Highest resolution

When using speakers, the most feared is that when listening to music, the speakers and the desktop produce resonance noise. M8 uses silicone foot cones made by self-molding. The shape and hardness are designed to reduce vibration to the greatest extent, strengthen the balance and stability, and protect your beloved desktop and countertops.

For the resonance point of the cabinet, 6 dampers are installed to strengthen anti-resonance ability. The smaller the vibration is , the purer the timbre can be, making the sound of speaker clearer and more natural.


 Take 3000Hz as the crossover point, use impedance-balanced lines, and add metallized polypropylene film capacitors with a loss angle below 0.07%. Not only all instruments and vocals can be smoothly connected and sound perfectly, but also a sense of transparency beyond specs can be presented.


Driver (per side)
Bass      4” Dynamic Cone
Treble   4” Ribbon Tweeter
Frequancy Response (±2dB)
7.8 Ω
Dimensions(Per side)
260x160x210mm (HxWxD)
4.5 kg