Collection: M6 - wireless scalable sound system


In this technology-driven era, with all that multimedia content available anytime, we all desired to own a system that could let us enjoy our favourite playlist or TV series easily, even if just for a few minutes. Most of the times, however, the dream gets crushed by bulky equipment, puzzling wiring, and never-ending installation and configuration processes.

Set up in 10 Minutes

M6 is a multi-speaker stereo system. The basic set-up is a 2.1 configuration, which features a pair of Main Speakers and a wireless Subwoofer. To that, you can add up to two wireless Zone 2 pairs. Thanks to the exclusive wireless module operating at 5.8 GHz, Zone 2 Speakers and Subwoofer connect to the Main Speakers wirelessly, with minimal interference and latency. Plus, the transmission range reaches up to 20 m, providing you with multiple arrangements  options.

Simply plug in the power and connect the speakers. No wires between the pairs, no extra connections. You no longer need to spend the weekend running messy cables through the ceiling or walls to connect the satellites, or the evening trying to figure out how to hide them: they simply won't be there.

Config and place M6 as your needs

Choose the configuration that best suits your environment or personal preferences.

  • 2.1 set-up give new life to your favorite songs, with a clean and balanced sound.
  • 4.1 set-up, you will get all the benefits of the 2.1 solution but with an even more immersive experience, comparable to that of surround systems.
  • 6.1 set-up for the area up to 130 sq.m. You can arrange the additional speakers in different spots of the room—or even in a different room—to let everyone enjoy the audio content the way it was intended. 

The Front Speakers can be placed either vertically or horizontally with no sacrifice of sound quality and useability. 

The soundstage will be just as accurate and the built-in G-sensor will automatically flip the LED display to the new orientation.

The wireless subwoofer can placed any corner of your area.

Compatible with all various consoles

The M6 system has optical, coaxial, USB-C, AUX, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth inputs, allowing you to effortlessly connect up any device whether it’s a TV, PC, smartphone or turntable. No matter which device you choose, M6 connects to deliver the sound.

superb listening experience

The symmetrical configuration of the drivers allows for an on-axis response to give you the sound and stereo imagery the way they were really intended.Accurate sound and stereo imagery for a vivid, immersive listening experience