R4 DIY Bluetooth Radio

Design Concept

Gone are the days when speakers are just built to amplify your music. CELIA & PERAH R3/R4 are Bluetooth speakers which you can personalize its look to suit your music style, and the customizable design allows you to understand the acoustic magic behind the superb sound quality when you build it up.

Easy and Fun

R3&R4 enable consumers to enjoy doing-it-yourself fun by precise laser cutting and strict quality control on each assembly part.
Less-than-an-hour work makes consumers get something more than a radio, this is what we want to deliver to the customers~ amazing audio performance comes after the efforts and persistence in every step of product making

Freestyle your Speaker

Creating your own stylish speaker is easier than ever. All you need is some imagination! You can even spray paint the speaker with any color or images you want. CELIA & PERAH R3/R4 can fit in your room whether your style calls for a plain and minimalist design or bright and bold colors.

Smart design For all your needs

You can use Bluetooth to connect directly with mobile devices, or store your favorite albums and frequently listened background music on the USB drive, and play them in a loop through the R3 or R4. They can also connect your various devices with 3.5mm Aux in audio cables. The radio function allows you to reminisce lithe old times. The current battery level will be reported automatically when turned on.The charging will complete in 2.5 hrs using USB type C connector and sustain 8 hours at a time.

Magic behind our sound

The sound quality of a speaker is the comprehensive result of many elements—cabinet, drivers, algorithm, design, —and every detail matters in the final performance. We spent more than two years designing and optimizing CELIA & PERAH R3/R4 so that they can bring out the best of your music.

Sweet Spot : Music without distortion

CELIA & PERAH R3/R4 utilizes the energy-efficient 30W Class-D Amplifier  to reproduce input audio signals. Its lower power dissipation produces less heat and saves up space on the circuit board. Moreover, we carefully controlled the power output, allowing the amplifier to deliver no more than 16W, our so-called Sweet Spot; therefore, the sounds that our speaker produces will have a lot less distortion.


Squeeze Box : Fortified Low-frequency Performance

To create an extraordinary small speaker, not only did we select the most suitable material to build up the speaker cabinet, but we also utilized a carefully-calculated port tube design and algorithm to enhance the bass performance, so that we can improve low-end frequency response without increasing the cabinet size.

Live Concert : Immersive sound experience

Through 3D algorithms, we carefully calculated time delays and minor volume differences between the two drivers to create a surround sound. When listening to CELIA & PERAH R3/R4, you will feel like the two drivers are much further than they actually are, giving you perfect immersive music-listening and movie-watching experiences.