M8-AMP Hi-Fi Stereo Amp Receiver

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These hand-made, 300-hour matured high-fidelity concrete speakers let the beauty of music be truthfully conveyed by exquisite craftsmanship and sound technology. The full and realistic sound of concrete speakers, genuinely convey the original intention of the music composer. The relatively small size presents an unequal sound performance. Rich and modern features make them the  best urban speakers to shorten the distance between you and your music appreciation.

The easiest high-fidelity sound system to get started with

  • 40W RMS output
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth + 4 wired inputs
  • Airplay、Spotify Connect 、DLNA supported
  • Multi-room Supported
  • Full remote control , clear LED display


40W RMS high output

Less than 0.5%  total harmonic distortion with signal-to-noise ratio  greater than 100dB. Supports speakers from 4ohm to 16ohm.

Speaker Output Terminal : Max.5AWG (5mm Dia) / Banana Plug


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth + four wired transmissions

● Bluetooth 5.0 aptX  【44.1kHz / 16bit 】 
The large bandwidth and aptX lossless compression sound quality of Bluetooth 5.0 deliver the best quality in the most convenient way. M8-AMP can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and will automatically reconnect to your TV and your mobile device when turned on.

● WiFi 【44.1kHz / 16bit 】
After adding the M8-AMP to your home wireless network, all devices connected to the same network can use the following streaming methods to stream music to the M8: Spotify Connect, Airplay, DLNA (home network hard drive). When using WiFi to play, answer the phone, the music will not stop, you can also use the exclusive APP to achieve multi-room synchronous playback.

● USB Audio 【44.1kHz / 16bit 】
Connect to your computer with a USB cable. Working from home with high-class enjoyment.

● Optical and coaxial SPDIF digital interface 【48kHz / 24bit 】
Plug in an optical or coaxial cable to distraction-free digital connection to your TV. The game is more exciting, the movie more moving, and the rich soundtrack in the shows more immersive than ever.

● 3.5mm AUX Audio analog input【96kHz / 24bit 】
Analog audio line input, connect your vinyl, CD host, game host, so that the devices at home no longer have to suffer from poor sound quality.

Airplay、Spotify Connect 、DLNA

Download the exclusive APP: C&P Connect on your mobile phone. After connecting the M8 to the home WiFi, any mobile device connected to the same WiFi can use the APP interface to : 
● Play music from network attached storage(NAS) with DLNA transmission

● Play music from your phone or music streaming services with Airplay or Spotify Connect

● Listen to over 10,000 radio stations worldwide!

● Switch the source, adjust the volume.

● Connect multiple M8s in series to achieve multi-room playback

● Download and centrally manage multiple music and radio streaming services from the App, such as: TuneIn, Tidal, Spotify

※ While streaming with WiFi ,  music playback will not be interrupted even when you're on the phone!

Hidden LED display interface, intuitive use

The remote control interface uses light-emitting LEDs, and the large-size display provides the convenience of operation. It can be easily identified from 5 meters away. Three seconds after the operation, the LED will dim and only one dot remains, reducing interference and creating a more comfortable listening environment.


 Source switching
Use the remote control to switch the connected sources at will.

 Left and Right balance
Adjust the relative relationship between you and the speakers, even if there is no suitable position to place your speakers, you can also adjust to the best sound performance, each position can be the sweet spot.

 High and low frequency Adjustment
Everyone's sensitivity and preference to sound frequency ranges is different. Use the remote control to adjust the proportion of your treble and bass, and quickly adjust to your preferences and placement of the speakers.

 Ultra Low frequency Adjustment
Want something more flavorful? No problem, the built-in subwoofer adjustment gives you a whole lot of low frequency experience. More realistic engine sounds, heavier drum beats, and more shocking explosions.

 3D mode
Three 3D modes, STEREO, LIVE, and Movie, are specially designed for different listening situations. Stereo is authentic, Live increases the sense of presence, and Movie enhances the sense of vocals and space.

 Night Mode
When listening to music or watching a movie at night, the dialogue is often unclear when the volume is low, but when the volume is turned up, the sudden sound effect often scares other people, or one instrument cannot be heard clearly but another is too loud. We often encounter such situations, so in addition to wearing headphones, we also provide new solutions from the perspective of acoustics. Exclusive night mode, through the reorganization of dynamic range. The details of the sound can be presented even at low volume. No need to constantly adjust the volume.