The #0 Concrete Speaker

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>>The minimalist design and gray concrete are suitable for scenes with different atmospheres

>> Concrete work all done by hand,  producer's concentrated and attentive attitude are engraved in every unique speaker.

>> The design of the  concrete squeeze box has the advantage of high response speed, and at the same time, it can reduce resonance and fully demonstrate the dynamics of music and the tone of the instrument.

Various way to listen your music from

- Bluetooth connect directly with mobile devices,

- USB drive  play in  loop through

- 3.5mm Aux in audio cables provide genuine sound.

- Radio function allows you to reminisce the old times.


Smart power system

Battery level reported automatically when turned on.

Charging Time : 2.5 Hours 

Battery : 8 Hours/ 80% Volume

Charging : DC 5V 2A (USB type C: regular phone chargers )

Size & Weight (incuding Antenna)
(W)27 x (D)9 x (H)10.7 cm
2100 g

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