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#0 Concrete Speaker is the first collaboration between CELIA&PERAH and LLH Design.  LLH Design explores the various appearances of concrete, bringing more rustic, calm and peaceful imagination of  concrete into daily products.


▼ The minimalist design and gray concrete are suitable for scenes with different atmospheres. The small size does not take up space, and it is convenient to place in bedrooms, studios, etc.



Living Room 


▲ The combination of metal elements and concrete on the back shows an alternative style. The use of aluminum alloy hairline and anodized treatment can not only improve the texture and avoid fingerprints, but also increase the radio reception effect.

▲ The front font is black laser engraving, which is different from general UV printing which is easy to fall off. Laser engraving can ensure that the text remains clear over time

The Craftsmanship


▲ Taking into account the complexity of the internal structure, the concrete formula is especially improved, which has the advantages of high fluidity, high strength, and low shrinkage, while also reducing the appearance of scratches during use.

▲ The production process is all done by hand, which is different from mechanical mass production. You can feel the producer's concentrated and attentive attitude from the slight color unevenness and tiny pores on the surface.

The Sound 


▲ The design of the  concrete squeeze box has the advantage of high response speed, and at the same time, it can reduce resonance and fully demonstrate the dynamics of music and the tone of the instrument.


▲ The 0# Concrete Speaker reach a great balance between low, medium and high tones  by the unique Squeeze Box design, pumping out powerful bass and beats but keep clearness and smoothness of the sound at the same time from a tiny cabinet. Deeply impressed by each breath, beat and nuance of the music and stunned by the tiny size of #0 Concrete Speaker repeatedly tested and modified by our designers , suitable for pop music, jazz...and other different styles.

Various way to listen your music from

- Bluetooth connect directly with mobile devices,

- USB drive  play in  loop through

- 3.5mm Aux in audio cables provide genuine sound.

- Radio function allows you to reminisce the old times.


Smart power system

Battery level reported automatically when turned on.

Charging Time : 2.5 Hours 

Battery : 8 Hours/ 80% Volume

Charging : DC 5V 2A (USB type C: regular phone chargers )

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